Velvet Lounge Project - Trip to the beach - DELUXE Edition Print
Tuesday, 08 March 2011 13:21

TTTB Deluxe CoverIn 2008 began the success story of the Velvet Lounge Project. The 12 track album "Trip to the beach" was published and it inspired primarily by a unique mix of relaxing-chillout, lounge and pop music, poetry, harmony and much more!

For the remix album "Trip to the beach - reloaded" the Velvet Lounge Project could hire top producer Chris Zippel (Berlin). He has worked together with Pet Shop Boys, Ich & Ich and many more. Other remixers, such as the Frenchman Ielo, GXR from england, Flashbaxx and Brook Sapphire, charm you with their own interpretations and give the album back a unique mix of relaxing Chillout, Lounge and Pop music.

Tyranno Lounge Records published now a "Trip to the beach" Deluxe Edition. This release includes both albums and two bonus tracks. For lovers of easy-listening and lounge music, this album is a must have!

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01 Dime que hacer
02 Contigo          
03 You broke my heart    
04 Dimelo tu
05 Ven a mi  
06 Mi cielo azul
07 The secret of your heart
08 Let it grow
09 Solo tu solo yo
10 Hidden treasure
11 Why sould i say no?
12 Make me yours ( Hazme tuya )
13 In harmony – iTunes Bonus Track
01 Dime que hacer – Eric Driven RMX
02 Contigo – DJ Sleeptalker RMX         
03 You broke my heart – Iëlo´s Future RMX    
04 Dimelo tu – Mix&Magix RMX
05 Ven a mi – Genuine RMX by Chris Zippel
06 Mi cielo azul – Brook Sapphire RMX
07 The secret of your heart – Anthony Island
08 Let it grow – Sunflowers RMX
09 Solo tu solo yo – GXR RMX
10 Hidden treasure – Morton Lenco RMX
11 Why sould i say no? – Flashbaxx RMX
12 Make me yours ( Hazme tuya ) – Pete Dingon RMX
13 Samos amigos – iTunes Bonus Track