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Friday, 08 July 2011 10:25

the perfect backdrop Cover

After the sensational success of the album “trip to the beach”, the “Velvet Lounge Project”
present their fantastic second album “the perfect backdrop” finally on the 15th of July.

This album is the perfect backdrop for any day - rain or shine - or any time you feel the need just to chill out.

The “Velvet Lounge Project" is known for its delicate, cheerful, optimistic, sometimes melancholic but always homogeneous sound that fits between Soul, Pop, Lounge and Chillout.

For "the perfect backdrop” the "Velvet Lounge Project" worked together with a lot of talented artists and singers from around the world, including "Marga Sol" from Macedonia, "Lazy Hammock" from UK, “Vadim Kapustin” (Triangle Sun) from Russia and again "Nedime Ince" from Germany, who featured in the popstars season 2006.

Each track takes the listener on a journey of sensual listening pleasure and certainly deserve to be played and heard on mainstream radio stations.

This is a cool and elegant album that brings the audience an excellent blend of lounge and pop music.

The “Velvet Lounge Project” provides truly sophisticated music for all who want to escape the stresses of everyday life. If you are a fan of good music, then this CD is for you…stay chilled!


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01. Intro
02. World of love
03. Baby with you
04. Someday
05. Give it to the sails of love
06. On the run
07. You are my life
08. Lost in you
09. A little bit longer
10. How far, how long
11. Gonna live my life
12. On the run - Part 2
13. Fly with me
Bonus Tracks:
14. In Harmony - Lay back RMX
15. Someday - Nux Easygoing RMX