Diamonds & Pearls Lounge Vol.5 Print
Friday, 11 November 2011 10:25

Diamonds & Pearls Lounge 5 Cover

It is for sure that the “Diamonds & Pearls Lounge” series is one of the best-selling compilations of this genre. Therefore Tyranno Lounge Records is holding the current number 5 also on a high level in terms of quality and musicality.

Once again, DJ Sleeptalker has used almost only brand-new and unreleased songs by known giants of the lounge scene. 18 finest pieces of jewellery are crowning this masterpiece.

Among others, you can listen to the "Cafe del Mar" artists Triangle Sun (Russia), Mark Watson (Australia), Steen Thottrup (Ibiza) and the Velvet Lounge Project. Songs by Marga Sol, Playgarden, Angelique Bianca, Soullover, Eric Driven, Rhodescreen, Pete Dingon, Lunaland, Triad Dimension, Wasis Diop, Brook Sapphire, Gates of Eden, Morton Lenco and DJ Sleeptalker complement this great compilation.

Diamonds & Pearls Lounge Vol.5 best pop / lounge music in superb sound quality! …be chilled!!!


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1 Angelique Bianca - Let me go
2 Marga Sol - Dali Sonuvam (Summer Version)
3 Playgarden - Driving in your Car (Felix Remix)
4 MarkWatson - Submission
5 Triangle sun - You´ll never give up (DPL Cut)
6 Eric Driven - Time Passanger
7 Rhodescreen – Reflections (Chill-Version)
8 Soullover - Train of Love
9 Velvet Lounge Project – Someday (Video Version)
10 Brook Sapphire - One Love
11 Steen Thottrup & Denver Knoesen - I Feel
12 Morton Lenco - H.E.A.R.T.
13 Gates of Eden - Nasty Lovers (Vocal Cut)
14 DJSleeptalker - Vision Control
15 Lunaland - HappyEnd
16 PeteDingon - Get Excited
17 Triad Dimension – Leaving (Las Vegas Version)
18 WasisDiop - Let Go (Ibiza flow Remix)