Summer Chill Vol. One Print
Friday, 18 May 2012 10:32

Summer Chill 1

Tyranno Lounge Records has been one of the most successful labels in chillout and lounge music.

With 'Summer Chill Vol.1' presents the label a compilation with 23 tracks in a class of its own.

This compilation includes tracks by legendary artists such as 'Anthony Island', 'Velvet Lounge Project ', 'Brook Sapphire', 'Redlounge Orchestra' and 'Triangle Sun'.

Summer is coming.... Be chilled!



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Velvet Lounge Project - Someday
Triangle Sun - Back to soul
Anthony Island - Yesterday
Brook Sapphire - Be chilled
Redlounge Orchestra - Headphoneland
Rhodescreen - When the night is over
Velvet Lounge Project - Fly with me
Mark Watson - The taste of summer
Anthony Island - White palms
Brook Sapphire - Erotic in the air
Velvet Lounge Project - Dimelo tu
Redlounge Orchestra - Nightflanger
Rhodescreen - Lumiere
Triangle Sun - Seed becomes a tree
Velvet Lounge Project - You are my life
Redlounge Orchestra - Jewel
Brook Sapphire - How i will feel
Triangle Sun - Flower Dance
Rhodescreen - Surreal seaside
Pete Dingon - L’amour est mort
Redlounge Orchestra - Secret in a box
Paolo Sol - Night on beach
Nux - 4.14.26am