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Tuesday, 04 September 2012 10:10

Buddha´s Ethno LoungeBuddha´s Ethno Lounge

The Label presents 'Buddha´s Ethno Lounge'. A compilation with 23 tracks in a class of its own.

This compilation includes tracks by legendary artists such as 'Anthony Island', 'Velvet Lounge Project ', 'Brook Sapphire', 'Redlounge Orchestra' and 'Triangle Sun', but also unreleased tracks from “Leon V” and “Chutney Lana”.


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Leon V - Ocean Waves
Triangle sun - Buddha
Velvet Lounge Project - Dessert Oasis
Reve de Cabaret - Walking on the borderline
Asia Point - Java
Anthony Island - Amazing Grass
Brook Sapphire - Landing on Mars
Melodic Brothers - Melankholia
Triangle sun - Mistery of universe
Fudge X - Asian Affairs
Leon V - World of Illusion
Redlounge Orchestra - Taj Mahal
Mustafa Yasir - Shehnaj
Air and Love - Erotic Nightmare
Pete Dingon - Dive into the blue
Philippe Legrand - Silverrain
Anthony Island - Bizarre Fantasy
Triangle sun - It´s heavy to breathe
Brook Sapphire - Booze&Juice
Leon V - Alien shores
DJ Sleeptalker - Pegasus
Rhodescreen - Surreal Seaside
Chutney Lana - The Cafe