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Friday, 22 November 2013 11:19

Silk Lounge Vol.4Silk Lounge Vol. 4

With the compilation Silk Lounge Vol.4 DJ Sleeptalker presents again the perfect soundtrack for a passionate night full of sensuality and eroticism.

With the Silk Lounge Vol.4, DJ Sleeptalker has not only provided an impressive mix of mainly unpublished songs, he has also created a soundtrack in a special kind, with his irrepressible instinct for sounds and music. Very stylish and elegant.

This compilation is not only for fans of excellent Lounge and Chilloutsounds. Silk Lounge Vol. 4 is the perfect cd for enjoying the evening or for a relaxed morning in bed. SL 4 is exactly that just as a Lounge cd should be - filled full of chill beats and silky voices. If you want to know, how Lounge should sound, this cd is just the right thing for you.

Amongst others Living Room, Anthony Island, Brooke Sapphire , Mara J. boston are taking part in this.


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Velvet Lounge Project – Someday – Easygoing RMX
Anthony Island – Whire Palms – Spacelounge Mix
Ingo Herrmann – Minds Eye
Living Room – Green Lightning
Mara J Boston – as a Butterfly
Brook Sapphire – Trust in Love
Sangar – So beautiful
Space Diver – Rainbow Colours
Dumb Chip – Sneezing
Traveller – Seashore Melosy
Enea DJ – Shine on
Gilbert Jan – Vacuity
Brook Sapphire – H.E.A.R.T.
Living Room – Nightflash
Luis Hermandez – Morning Light
River – Understanding
Satellite Soul – Red
DJ Sleeptalker – My Life
Cayman – Life in a bubble