Silk Lounge Vol. 2 Print

SL2 Cover With the compilation album "Silk Lounge Vol.2", DJ Sleeptalker presents once again the perfect soundtrack for a night full of hot passion and erotic sensibility.

The "Silk Lounge Vol.2" is not only impressive with its  mixes of mostly unreleased tracks. It is also a "must have", because of its magical melodies which make this whole cd a wonderful audio experience. Stylish, Groovy and Sexy!!!!!!

This compilation is not only  for lovers of excellent lounge and Chillout music, but is also for connoisseurs and music-lovers who love to be drawn into their own chillout orbit. "Silk Lounge Vol.2" is the perfect CD to enjoy the evening or for a relaxing morning in bed. "SL2" is exactly that, as a lounge CD should be - full of chill beats and silky voices. If you want to know, how lounge should sound, this CD is exactly the right thing for you. This compilation include Marga Sol, Clelia Felix, Thomas Lemmer, Velvet Lounge Project and Ambray from England! VÖ: 04.12.2009

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01. Ambray - Kiss the messenger
02. Lazy Hammock - Pleasure´s all mine
03. Eddie Silverton - Another day
04. Zelonka & Surya - Still Raining
05. Marga Sol - Around me
06. Ambray - Live tonight
07. Ensoul - Fire
08. Lazy Hammock - Float on by
09. Velvet Lounge Project - Solo tu Solo yo
10. Anthony Island - Yesterday
11. Thomas Lemmer feat. Lena - Never let me go
12. Velvet Lounge Project - The secret of your heart
13. Clelia Felix - Blooming flowers
14. Redlounge Orchestra - Flight and landing
15. Marga Sol - Follow you
16. GMP - Astral Connections
17. Pete Dingon - Dive into the blue
18. Ensoul - Romantica