Late Lounge Vol. 2 Print
Friday, 19 March 2010 10:03

LL2 CoverThe night has so its own attraction, in the darkness is seemingly unlimited space for that which shuns the daylight. Anyway dreams, wishes, desires and the very large cinema in the head. The Redlounge Orchestra offers on the LATE LOUNGE VOL. 2, the right music to do so. The successor of the DELUXE BEST SELLERS LATE LOUNGE VOL. 1 with PHILLIPPE Chr├ętien is now available in the SHOP.

Redlounge Orchestra is the chill-out project of the Hamburg producer and musician Carsten Roggenbuck, with whom he has represented since 2006 on many successful compilations of the scene. The sound of the orchestra Redlounge uniquely blended electronic sounds with visual, musical soundtrack and classical elements. After the end of 2009 now combines the DELUXE EDITION LATE LOUNGE VOL 2, the best pieces from the oeuvre of Redlounge Orchestra, as Flight and Landing, Dans La Musique, Star Lounge, and Taj Mahal.
With Nightflanger, Slow Motion City Quiet Earth, the Redlounge Orchestra gives the magic of the night a chilled unique, urban sound.

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