Metropolis Lounge #1 Print
Wednesday, 15 September 2010 10:03

ML1 CoverMetropolis Lounge - the perfect soundtrack not only for the stressed city neurotics, no, this is the perfect soundtrack for all lovers of pop-lounge music. Chill-pop-lounge tracks sweeten the most beautiful part of the day - their Evening.

Mixed, compiled und produced by Heiko Albrecht. At its reference list to meet well-known names like Kesha rmx, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson rmx, rmx Marvin Gaye, Barry White rmx, Wolfsheim, Lou Bega, Superstars (eni), Blockbuster Underworld, Jan Hammer feat.tq, off-colors and more. Sophisticated sounds have become his trademark. chilled!

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01    Rainbow Diver - Metropolis
02    Fudge X - Asian Affairs
03    Night Cruzer - The nightcruise
04    Dream Improvers - Tonight
05    Miracle of the sun - Smooth sexophone
06    Steve Osaka - The forgotten
07    Lightcatchers - Under your skin
08    Gates of Eden - Nasty lovers
09    Air and Love - Erotic Nightmare
10    Kosta da Silva - I like it
11    Triad Dimension - Leaving
12    Various Artist - Continuous Mix