Rhodescreen - Peace System Print
Tuesday, 12 October 2010 10:03

RSPS Cover

Rhodescreen is another chilling project from producer Carsten Roggenbuck, who also directs the well known Redlounge Orchestra. Chilled beats, smooth vocals and ambient spaces define the sound of Rhodescreen, who will now release their first album peace system.

The sound of peace system takes you on a journey around the whole globe. From sunny beachcafés to the tribal dub jungle, from stylish inner city lounge clubs up to the stars of the nightsky. Right in the middle the whiskey dark voice of vocalist Lesley Farfisa . His voice brilliantly lifts the athmosphere of the songs to the next level.

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1.    Melt
2.    Overdub theme
3.    Explorer
4.    Lumière
5.    Supervision
6.    Peace system
7.    Boomtown
8.    Reflections
9.    Loop improvisation
10.  4 chords of Rhodes
11.  When the night is over
12.  surreal seaside
13.  Stringthing
14.  glowing
15.  Blue mars
16.  Ground control
17.  iTunes Exclusive Mix